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HSES Policy Statement

Tzarofino DSN shall ensure that all activities are carried out in a manner that ensures the absolute safety of our staff, host communities, clients, environment and equipment. In order to achieve this constantly, our activities atTzarofino DSN will always be guided by the provisions in the company’s manual for Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES).

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Quality Management System

Tzarofino DSN strives to attain the very highest quality by strictly adhering to a Quality Management System (QMS.) Tzarofino DSN encompasses all activities at every stage of the ISO process model thus enabling us to strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality and to agreed completion date while remaining within budget targets. It is Tzarofino DSN aim to maintain a continual improvement in our Quality Management System to the benefit of customer and company alike as proven by the issue and renewals..

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Safety Policy

Tzarofino DSN has an excellent safety record with a commitment to Zero Lost Time Incidents (LTI). We have a dedicated Safety Department, which is responsible for overseeing our sites, particularly construction, maintenance and workshop activities, and ensuring compliance with the company Health and Safety Policy through all departments. To this end Management and Workforce operate a Safety First Policy ensuring that employees are fully trained in the concept of safety awareness and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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